How I feel about my advocacy campaign

Hello  all,

I know some of you might be thinking, keywords might. Because it would be arrogant of me to guess your thoughts. However, I can guess that some might not agree when this will be bigger than family and friends. This seemed from Disney’s The Emperor’s new groove is my response.

Enjoy 🙂

PS.  I hope all is well and in case you’re wondering I an the llama 🙂




Did you know?

Hello 🙂
did you notice that “evil” is “live” backwards? And apparently we are a “Devil” if we “lived” I know that that just makes me choose to “raise a little hell” anyone with me? 🙂 I apologize if to some this is offensive in some way, but if it is or isn’t, I have got you thinking? What if it was not evil to live? What if you were not a “damned devil” because you were “named to have lived”?
Just wondering 🙂

Dismiss the small stuff after acknowledging that it’s there:-)

Well, you learn something new every day or Remind yourself of something at least. Like, for example, the camel’s back story. Sometimes that piece of straw is of the larger variety, but the point still not merit. Another wise man said: “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Which is very true, perhaps this resides in the book of the same title: if we don’t take into count that something relatively small is making us “sweat” then it may like it did in my situation today, cause a meltdown if things go up even just the slightest bit. So, in essence problems can be easily related to sweat, feel it, acknowledge how uncomfortable it may make you feel and then wipe it away.

Thanks for your support,
PS. Also acknowledge to that the occasional meltdown, if not used for self gain can be away to realize that something needs to be addressed. Like my intentions for this writing platform for example. Could anyone who receives this blog mind passing it on to a couple people? I would really like for it to be more out there. 🙂 Thank you 🙂

The joy of ice cream :-)

Hello all,
I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather 🙂
I did yesterday, even with the smoke. But it was not truthfully because I was outside that made my day. It was a small boy that is the son of one of my dad’s coworkers on the fire department and his ice cream. In the short time we spoke with them, about 20 strangers including ourselves, were made aware that the little boy had received chocolate ice cream. It was the cutest thing 🙂 the joy on his face, and the pure sparkle of the joy of being alive over the simple treat was something in its innocence that change the world for the better. It got me to thinking: what if everyone could get that happy over the small joys in life? What if we could all say: “look I’m happy and I hope I made you happy because I am.” 🙂 What if we all chose to spread the joy of our own type of “ice cream” what would this would be like? And what could we unknowingly create by someone else on the street and ourselves?
Food for thought or rather ice cream 🙂
have a good day,

Blog change, I’m not fighting anymore :-)

Hello all,
I hope all is well 🙂 things have sure changed since I last wrote:
1. I’m graduated and enrolled in university.
2. I’m outside more often again and loving it.
3. I decided to stop fighting the discrimination–it’s not changing anything.

Now before my most avid readers panic that something has seriously gone wrong. I’m just using that sentence to gain attention, did it work? 🙂 I’m not giving up, my family didn’t raise quitters for generations. For example, my great grandfather on my dad’s side had polio in his hands but he still immigrated and raised a lovely family. My great uncle on the same side was killed in an avalanche and his brother skied 14 hours to get help once he realized he was buried. Their Sister attracted polio in 1956 and raised 2 daughters successfully even after losing her husband. My grandfather became blind but still skied until he decided to retire the year before last at 83 :-). on my mothers side, my grandparents survived the 2nd world war, and moved to Canada. My parents have never been ones to “just get by” in life either. My father works with search and rescue dogs and goes outdoors anytime we can. My mother has a art degree which she started when we were 2. My sister although very modest is extremely talented in her writing and is not afraid to put herself out there. So I come from a long line of determined hearts. I’m not giving up, I’m simply changing my point of view.

This point of view, comes from something I’ve been doing known as “access consciousness” founded by Gary Douglas. I know there are some of you what I’m about to say sounds a bit weird, it is for most people who 1st heard it. But it is how I truly found myself again. 🙂

I will not do that much into the organization but using their tools, I have come to the awareness that using words like “fighting the discrimination” can be taken the wrong way by many, I’m not angry with the world, not anymore anyway. I’ve come to realize that the best way to get things done is be persistent but not hard. I also believe that the “happy” from despicable me 2 should be the anthem of the world. 🙂

On that note, I’ve had many people tell me that if we were truly happy all the time how would we know what it is? True: I’m just saying that what if happiness was a much easier thing to choose than it is now? What if the newscasts started dispersing happy news throughout the evening instead of the last 5 min.? What if it was okay to fantasize completely in a book without reality creeping into its pages. What if the class clown didn’t get the “needs to apply his/herself” and instead was seen as applying themselves already to the making of laughter in the day? Just a thought 🙂 what if there was a key to “the world’s heart? Seeing that we already have that, it sounds like a cliché, but the key is really us and understanding that everyone has a different one to open the door. And what if we as a global community acknowledged that every key opened the same door just in different way? What if judgment was nonexistent? What if being 100,000% of being our differences and acceptance of other people’s was enough to stop the Taliban, world hunger etc. etc. what if we explain things instead of arguing and debating who’s right and who’s wrong what is we were all right and all mistaken with no judgment on either side? That’s how my blog has changed, I do not intend to say the wrongness of the things I find, but rather ask the question? For example, “how can this be changed? What awareness of this piece can be used to better society?”

Now, for all who are interested I have a challenge for you. 🙂 Every time you feel like you’re needing to dial yourself down, don’t, be you and everything you can. 🙂
I know that the little tricky, but maybe just try one day this week for standards see what happens to the people around you.
With my love, I double dog dare you 🙂
thanks for being you 🙂

Step in the right direction :-) 1st international day against homophobia and different sexualities

Step in the right direction 🙂 1st international day against homophobia and different sexualities


I hope all is  going well  🙂 I’m doing fantastic My best friend made me aware that tomorrow is the premier international date in support of  those with differing orientations. Congratulations to you all, I  hope this event will start  long time waiting and needed acceptance for your subgroup. 🙂


PS. Take people long enough, but they got there 🙂


Response to Capitalism Post

Hello all,

I hope the sunshine is finding you all 🙂 It finally came out…YAY! 

Anywho, I realize that my last post was very one-sided and that some people have been saying I need to be more objective. Here is more comment analysis of the situation that I wrote to a response to a family friend to the comment. Hopefully, it explans my viewpoint a little better.

Take care,


To answer your questions: yes perhaps being less skimming over my experiences would be more impactful. Some days it’s just difficult to know when to be specific and when too much information makes people believe or get the impression of “my life is terrible” instead of what I really want which is: “I’m angry and this is why”
we have so many things break down right after we get them fixed that I wonder if they’re doing the repair job because they care or because it pays good money every time the equipment comes in. Sometimes, that’s just what it appears to be I could be completely wrong. I want people to understand that it’s great that we get things for cheap but at what cost. I understand that every economic system has its flaws, please don’t get me wrong on that. I just looked at the success of utopian socialists and I feel that if we had more Robert Owens, then this would be a better place. [The man that I think we need duplicates of was an industrialist factory owner far beyond his time. He believed, that workers who were happy and treated well made more money.
He let children go to school and the children were not allowed to work without at least 4 hours of education a day. Which, back in those times was seen as unnecessary and a waste of valuable workforce. Men and women could also be educated if they so chose. There was no discrimination based on race, spiritual beliefs, amount of ability. People with disabilities were seen as functioning members of society. There was healthcare, which again to most under capitalism seemed unnecessary. There was health insurance if someone got injured no one was tossed out because they became unable to work. He believed woman should not have to marry if they did not want. This was in 1818! I think one would have the right to vote in his village built around his factory gender aside. So, I wish there was more like that in all honesty. What I meant by the “you don’t have to be killed physically to die.” Is that, if we ignore our compassion for consumerism are we really living? What happens to the people we sometimes turn a blind eye to? Is that living? To work day in and day out for barely enough to survive? And to say nothing of North Korea..
I’m not trying to force my opinion on anyone, just conversation around the dinner table, that’s all. 


Warning: this post is very opinionated and to any hard-core classic liberals I’m sorry. :-( This truth needs to be set straight.


finally got some time to blog 🙂 I hope all is doing well. This is  piece I wrote for the school newspaper on capitalism. My apologies for some poor grammar but I was irate I hope you can Forgive me. I am aware that socialism or an economic system has its flaws. I just don’t see this particular one being our only possibility. I would love comments if you have the time :]

thank you again for your support,


The Hard Truth



Readers Note: I have not left my name for a simple reason, as much as the beloved school I am writing for is very open to ideas and viewpoints; I am about to speak on every thing that a student is not supposed to talk about with a personal opening in a scholastic setting: Religion and Politics. These are the 2 things that without an objective view one can think of these terms as “those who must not be named” but instead of an evil wizard being the sensitive subject, it is the fundamental parts of society that makes us keep to our own discretion. No we do not live in a dictatorship but if someone heard what I am about to say it would probably cause an uproar. Surprisingly, despite what it appears I’m not going to critique the Middle East or the infamous leader of Toronto- I am going to speak on the subject that modernized our society with its, in my opinion, cruelty- I am going to speak on Capitalism.


Capitalism, the fundamental basis of our modernized society, without it; no cars, no trains, no television, I think in a way that sometimes we’d be better off without it. From my viewpoint of being subject to needs that go beyond food, clothing, and other things of the same nature, Capitalism leaves me to be abused by things that break down easily as a way to get more money to the company. I have been in personal situations in which it is extremely “personal” and long story short Capitalism’s need to make a buck leaves me with my pants down in mid air. You try to put on a brave face, but it’s just downright embarrassing. I, however, am lucky compared to the atrocities that happened in the past and now as a way to make a fortune off of other people’s misery. One only has to look at the Oscar winner for Best Picture to see visual evidence of this harsh truth, Twelve Years A Slave. In this film the truth about the slave trade, and it is an ugly truth, is shown to have no mercy- skin being ripped from people’s flesh under the whip of Capitalism. Also, the religion factor comes in to play as the true antagonist of the film, James Birch, states: “and that servant that don’t obey his lord shall be beaten with many strides. That’s scripture.” This quotation, in my opinion, has whatever the higher power may be going: “that’s not me, that is your creation of fear through Capitalism, not to mention power.”  Capitalism not only killed back then but it kills now. Outsourcing factories can crush differences and honest labour.


Then the politics of it:

Capitalism stops the world from ending another holocaust. For those who don’t know or can’t remember because of busyness or a dislike for Social Studies, China is part of the United Nations council. One of the “ Big Five”, the small group of countries who can veto other decisions so, of course, China would defend it’s Communist brother and neighbour, along with Russia, to say “no, don’t attack, please.” I am sure smiling sweetly all the while, as the U.N. does with these situations, the world backs off, and why do we back off? Partly because of the numbers against us with two of the largest countries on the opposing side, but I am sad to say that it is not because of Human Rights violations that we start wars, it is because they have product that we can sell or buy. Korea is doing nothing wrong in that respect, like Iran did or Afghanistan, but it is not even for that reason that we have backed off. It is because the computer I am using was made in China, my calculator was made in China, every commodity that the student uses or anyone in the Western world for that matter, is most likely made in China. So, if we said no, apparently we would only be left with the scraps on our back, at least that is how it appears for the Western world to take it. Sounds like a Capital idea? Not if you have a social conscience as big as this writers. We’ve got image evidence of concentration camps in North Korea, killing fields, but because of the product, those people are left alone. After all, one of the main ideas of Adam Smith was if you can’t build yourself up, then it is the individual’s fault. Would he say the same about the concentration camp? More importantly, does the world?


Taxes suck, I am not denying that, but if we were to raise taxes then things like I experience wouldn’t happen, and perhaps we would get a bigger social heart and actually have a backbone to help people.


What do you think? Is Capitalism really that capital or is it societal capital punishment?

You don’t have to be killed physically to die.



A Concerned Citizen with a Heart